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Who is Zove Beauty?

Posted by Adeline Yeak on
Who is Zove Beauty?
Many of us are told from a young age that beauty is just skin deep. But what does that really mean? 


Zove Beauty was born in October 2018 with the mission statement "Confidence Breeds Beauty". Our Jade Rollers and Gua Sha Tools have helped women all across Australia (and the world!) amp up their self-care routine. These tools have been proven to help with improving blood circulation, relaxing facial muscle tension, and promoting lymphatic drainage (no one likes to be puffy!).

We know that Zovers are busy go-getters that may not always have the luxury of time to head to the spa for relaxing facials, so our products are there to help you do just that, at home. To bring that sense of relaxation, to help bring self-care back into your busy routine.

We’re not just any beauty brand. Beyond disrupting the beauty industry with simple, effective products, we also believe in supporting underprivileged communities across the world.


Our Founder Adeline genuinely believes that education has a strong correlation to better health and mental wellbeing. Growing up, self-confidence was the one thing she always had an issue with. The only thing, however, that she was confident about, was her skin.

Being brought up in a family who’s been in the beauty industry for over 20 years, she was always educated by her parents on how to best take care of her skin. At the tender age of 17, her fondest memory of beauty would be girls crowding around her in boarding school watching her do her nighttime skincare routine. Being able to help her fellow girlfriends take care of their skin grew her confidence, and without knowing it, she was supporting their confidence too.


Adeline’s philosophy of giving back has transcended into the way we do things. At Zove, we’re committed to donating part of our profits to supporting educational programs in underprivileged communities, thereby supporting our mission of helping women boost their confidence.


To add to our Signature Jade Rollers and Gua Sha, we’re excited to launch our very own Cosmeceutical Skincare Range later this year. It will be Simple AND Effective. So be on the lookout! 

Join the #zovetrove community on Instagram and FacebookGet the conversation going. Let’s build a community that supports each other. Together, let’s re-define what it means to be beautiful.

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