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About Us

Adeline Zove Beauty



We know that many of you are busy go-getters with a lot on your mind, and to-do list, so our high-quality wellness products are designed for two key purposes, to give you a concise, effective regime for long-term good skin health and to help you unwindWe’re about bettering your regime to help you feel beautiful and confident in your skin. Above all, we want you to feel good.

Zove was founded by an Asian-Australian and in a lot of ways, delivers Asian skin care philosophies for a modern Australian lifestyle. We are big believers in the principle Asian skin philosophy of “low and slow” care. It means we’re about maintaining ongoing good skin health, rather than creating highs that have to bring lows (think overloading AHAs or retinol-intense regimes). We’ve applied the philosophy to our products, so while they are skilled multitaskers (because “less is more” and no one has time for a 25-step routine), they are thoughtfully crafted to promote strong, stable, always great, skin. We want Zove to be a long-lasting part of your daily routine for years to come. That little bit of luxury in your day that makes you look forward to taking time for, and can be relied on to keep your skin consistently great.


Zove has always been different because we put a tremendous amount of thought, care and science into our products. 

Our facial tools are made from 100% genuine crystal, quartz and jade (not just plastic with a quartz coating). You’ll feel the difference when you hold them: they keep cool for longer, and are heavier than other facial tools on the market. We’ve worked closely with our team for over three years now and continually improve on our offerings by passing on your direct feedback. Our rollers are made to last through quality construction and thoughtful design. Case in point, our rollers don’t squeak. It’s just a few tiny inserts but it makes all the difference. 

Our cosmeceutical skincare is made in Australia by the country’s leading chemists and formulation team. Zove skincare isn’t cookie-cutter, we create for quality, efficacy and to better the Zover’s beauty regime. We only use clinically-backed actives and focus on curating skin care regimes that do the most with the least. Which means no filler, no fluff, just better skin care. Our ingredients are sourced locally and from afar to ensure the highest quality and we will never use anything from our “no” list. This means no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulphates, silicones, sulfates, drying alcohol, SLS, SLES, MI and MIT, DEA, TEA, mineral oil, petroleum jelly or any comedogenic ingredients are present in our products.

Through innovative production techniques, our 100% recyclable tubes contain more than 40% carbon-neutral sugarcane polyethylene (PE) that is also FDA-approved. They are locally made to reduce our carbon footprint and support Australian jobs.


Our founder, Adeline Yeak was raised in the beauty industry. Her family have operated spas in Malaysia for over 30 years, so good skin care was always held in high regard, as was passing on the knowledge to others. Like many teens, Adeline struggled with her self-confidence except when it came to her skin. Her parents had taught her exactly how to take care of her skin, and as a 14-year-old, starting a new chapter at an Australian boarding school, it became a source of confidence and bonding. Her schoolmates would gather around to watch her do her nightly skin routine, asking her to show them how to create their own. She saw how helping her friends with their skin made them shine a little brighter and gave them a real confidence boost. That was it, Adeline found her calling and was determined to help more women feel educated and confident in their skin.

After gaining her degree, Adeline spent time strength testing her ability to lead her beauty company. This saw her take on projects like devising a marketing strategy for an underground cafe that no one knew existed, going for a diploma in skincare formulation (so she’d know how to talk shop with chemists) and volunteering her accounting skills to a not-for-profit organisation. All the while she was consistently deep in market research: trialing, reviewing and talking about beauty products with friends. She found that there wasn’t a brand that delivered potent, multitasking products and tools that were designed to be used in a way that was relaxing and routine. So she created it.


We’re passionate about educating women everywhere, and doing good for the people that need it is what drives us. From our beginnings, we've donated to Red Cross to help with the bushfires, gifted a portion of our sales to a local small business affected by closures during covid and also prepared 200 gift packs for nurses at a local hospital to thank them for the hard work over the pandemic. We want to do so much more! 


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