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Why I Created the Glow Slow Overnight Mask

Posted by Adeline Yeak on

There are SO many beauty products out in the world, why create another one?! Because I truly believe that what we've created is different. More importantly, it serves our mission to empower busy individuals (like...

Skincare Top 5 Feat. Adeline Yeak

Posted by Amanda Soon on

Welcome to our new series, Zovers! Skincare Top 5 will give you a little peek into the holy grail products (a total of five products, duh) of beauty industry insiders and experts.

Our first feature? None other than our fearless leader. Aka the founder of Zove Beauty, Adeline Yeak! 

Keep scrolling to find out a little more about Adeline and the 5 skincare products she can’t live without. You know this is going to be good.

Our Interview With Alpha-H: Inspiring Alpha Women

Posted by Amanda Soon on

Building genuine relationships with people I’ve had the privilege to come across. I really love that, and wouldn’t enjoy my day-to-day life in the same way without them. There’s so much to learn from everyone, each individual is unique. One of life’s greatest gifts is to find those that you get to cheer on, and that also cheers you on.

A wise person once told me this: be kind to the people you meet and enjoy the journey; the business will mean nothing in hindsight if it's just about profits and numbers.

Yours Only's Founder, Ashli Templer - Journey With Sensitive Skin

Posted by Amanda Soon on

Want to know the best kept secret for combating sensitive, allergy-prone skin?  Well, look no further Zovers, cause we've got the inside scoop from a beloved friend of Zove Beauty; and someone who has dealt with pesky intolerances and skin conditions all her life - Yours Only founder, Ashli Templer. 

Our recent collaboration with Yours Only gave us the opportunity to; learn more about Ashli, herself; her journey with Hashimoto's Disease, how the brand came to be and why she created COAT.

Health vs Wellness - What Does It Mean Anyway?

Posted by Adeline Yeak on
Critics of the ‘mindfulness movement’ and the commodification of it argue that its nothing more than a navel-gazing aid to narcissism. Mindfulness and the results of it couldn’t be further from that. Meditation and mindfulness practices allow you to become aware. It’s a process that clarifies your values so you can get out there in the world, fight the good fight and make a difference.  

Who is Zove Beauty?

Posted by Adeline Yeak on
Many of us are told from a young age that beauty is just skin deep. But what does that really mean? Read along to find out Adeline's heart behind starting the brand & what it means to her to support women in need..