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How To Choose A Good Facial Roller And Gua Sha Tool

Posted by Amanda Soon on
How To Choose A Good Facial Roller And Gua Sha Tool

Image Source: Zove Beauty

By Shilpa Bhim

A good facial roller or gua sha tool can work wonders for your face! 

They help to de-puff, sculpt and massage your face in general, helping you to look good and feel great.

Knowing exactly how to pick a good facial roller and gua sha tool plays a big role in making sure your facial tools are doing the best possible job for your face.

That’s where we come in! We’ve broken down how to choose a good facial roller and gua sha tool so your skin can live its best life every day.


Before getting into how to pick a good facial tool, it helps to know what the purpose of each tool is.

Overall, facial roller and gua sha and tools assist with massaging and de-puffing the face. 

Facial rollers are cooling and calming and assist with lymphatic drainage and skin care product penetration. They’re also super easy to use!

The gua sha tool helps to release tension, contour the face, assists with lymphatic drainage and supports blood circulation and skin care product penetration.

You want your tools to be sturdy, but also soothing on the face. So here’s how to pick a good one:


Facial rollers are generally made from stone/crystal or metal. Jade and rose quartz are the most common facial roller types. 

What are the benefits of stone/crystal or metal facial rollers? 
If you opt for jade or a metal (stainless steel) roller, you’ll notice these materials are naturally cold. Perfect for soothing your skin and de-puffing your face on the go!

Rose-quartz can also hold its temperature for a long time. So if you store your roller in the fridge, it’ll be extra cool for you when you take it out to use. 

Personally, we love the stone/crystal facial rollers given how cooling and soothing they are. Oh and they’re pretty too! So that’s a win.

I’ve picked the material I want, what’s next?
The main factor to consider when picking a good facial roller is weight.  This will help you determine whether your roller is authentic and therefore good quality.

For example, you’ll notice our Zove Beauty facial rollers are heavier than most other tools in the market. This is because our tools are made entirely out of stone/crystal (except for the metal handles). 

Many other most of the other tools in the market are made of plastic, then coated in stone/crystal. The downside to this is your facial roller is less likely to have that full cooling effect, and may not last as long as a full stone/crystal roller.

The same approach applies for metal facial rollers.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Our final tip is to test your facial roller to see if it squeaks. There’s nothing worse than when you’re trying to relax with your facial roller and it squeaks every time you run it over your face!

We’ve included tiny inserts on our facial rollers to prevent squeaking. So you’re guaranteed to roll your face in peace.


Like facial rollers, gua sha tools are available in stone/crystal and metal. They are also sold in plastic.

What are the benefits of the different gua sha tool materials?

Stone/crystal and metal gua sha tools are a bit heavier than plastic - helping you to apply the perfect amount of pressure when you use your gua sha tool. 

They’ll also have that natural cooling effect, which helps to counteract the warming effect of the technique. ICYMI: the gliding motion of using a gua sha tool stimulates circulation and causes warmth.

Stone/crystal gua sha tools are our personal favourite - they glide seamlessly over the skin. 

Is there anything else I need to consider when picking a good gua sha tool?
Yes. The shape of the tool matters.

You want a gua sha tool with a few different angles, curves and lengths along its edges. The mix of contours helps you to use your tool on different parts of your face like your jawline, cheekbones and under the eyes.

Need an example of a good gua sha tool shape? Have a look at our Zove Beauty ones here.


So now you know what makes a good facial roller and gua sha tool. The next step? Working out which of these tools is the right one for you to use!

TBH, we love to use both at Zove HQ. We use our facial rollers to de-puff our faces and to massage our skin care products into our skin. We use our gua sha tools to help massage and sculpt our faces – keeping our skin looking and feeling 100%!

Need a hand working out which is the right tool for you? Check out our article where we share a breakdown of each tool, the benefits of each and which one is likely to work best for you.  

Have any other questions about facial rollers and gua sha tools? Feel free to ask us via Instagram or email us

Shilpa is a freelance beauty and lifestyle writer from Melbourne, Australia. You can keep up with her adventures over at @skb.ontherun and check out her latest articles here.


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