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Silk vs Satin Pillowcase: Is One Better Than The Other?

Posted by Amanda Soon on
Silk vs Satin Pillowcase: Is One Better Than The Other?

Image Source: Zove Beauty

By Shilpa Bhim

We all know that sleeping on a cotton pillowcase is no good for our skin and hair because Too. Much. Friction!

So, we turn to the better pillowcase options: silk or satin pillowcases. But are silk and satin the same when it comes to the benefits for your skin and hair? If they’re not the same, is one better than the other?

We’ve done a little deep dive on all things silk and satin so you can rest well at night knowing you’ve got the best information, and the best pillowcase, at your service!


You can! It wouldn’t be a deep dive if we didn’t explain what we’re talking about.

What is silk?

Silk is a natural fibre that’s generally harvested from silkworm cocoons.

It’s known as a luxurious fabric, particularly because it takes quite a bit of skill and effort to weave into a textile.

Silk is a smooth, soft and slightly waxy fabric. It’s also a naturally cool material.

Pro tip: Mulberry Silk is known as the highest quality silk available for purchase. Mulberry leaves have been fed to silkworms for thousands of years to produce the finest, strongest, smoothest silk available.

What is satin?

Satin also feels soft to touch - almost silk like!

But, one of these things is not quite like the other … Satin isn’t a natural fibre. Satin is actually a weave that’s made up of a range of different fibres. Fun fact: fibre is the actual thread that a material is made from, and a weave is how you make it.

Traditionally, satin has both a glossy side and a dull side and can be weaved together using nylon, rayon, polyester, wool, and … silk!


By now we’ve determined that silk and satin are two different materials. Which means each material has its own distinct set of benefits - especially when it comes to pillowcases.

Benefits of a silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are known to have a ton of benefits for your skin, your hair, and your sleep.

These include:

  • It’s super soft and smooth so it doesn’t pull at or crease your skin which means your silk pillowcase can help prevent the formation of wrinkles on your skin over time. Plus, nothing beats the feeling of snuggling into a soft and smooth pillowcase at night!
  • The tightly woven silk fibres which help to keep moisture close to the skin, which helps to lock in your skin care products (rather than your pillowcase soaking your products up).
  • It reduces friction on your hair, preventing breakage and split ends. So you can say goodbye to frizz and knots when you wake up in the morning.
  • Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and is perfect for those with allergies and also those with sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  • It’s breathable and has natural thermal regulating properties. Which means it’ll keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Say hello to a perfect night’s sleep!

Benefits of a satin pillowcase

These include:

  • Satin is also soft, so it won’t pull at your skin or hair which means it’s better compared to a cotton pillowcase and can help prevent the formation of wrinkles or reducing breakage and frizz.
  • A satin pillowcase can easily be thrown in the wash with the rest of your laundry (silk requires more careful care).
  • Because it’s made from more common, cheaper materials like polyester, it's not naturally hypoallergenic so may not be suitable for those with allergies or sensitive / acne-prone skin.
  • It's less breathable than silk and does not regulate temperature as well as silk. 


At Zove HQ, we’re #teamsilk all the way! Silk has more benefits overall, and we love that it’s breathable and friendly for all skin types. If you’re looking for a great silk pillowcase, you can check out our 100% Mulberry silk pillowcases here.

If you’d like to know more about silk pillowcases and their benefits, you can find out more here. Or feel free to reach out to us via Instagram or email if you’d like to know more about the best pillowcase for you!

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