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The Truth about Jade Rollers and Gua Sha

Posted by Adeline Yeak on
The Truth about Jade Rollers and Gua Sha

These days, it seems like every beauty guru or Instagram-worthy vanity table (or skincare fridge) features a Jade Roller or Gua Sha (pronounced gwah shah).

But what do these gorgeous, shiny tools do and what are their benefits to our skin? Do we really need them? Or are these tools merely a fad marketing tactic employed by the beauty industry designed to roll money out of our pockets?


Behind The Scenes: Sourcing Jade for Our Rollers

Let’s look at it’s history. The Chinese believed these handheld massaging tools with smooth, dual jade stone on each end promoted blood circulation, reduced swelling, and boosted the absorption of herbal and medicinal products used on the skin.

Today, it’s known to boost absorption of skincare products, help promote lymphatic drainage — reducing puffiness of the skin (Hooray for that!). There’s an added bonus if you like to chill your jade roller in the fridge as the cooling sensation of cold jade on the skin helps brighten your complexion and tighten pores.

These rollers can be made from a range of crystals and stones. The skincare junkie’s favourites? Rose Quartz and Jade.


Zove Beauty Rose Quartz Gua Sha Tool
The Gua Sha tool has been around since the 7th Century; can you believe it?! It’s historically been used to help with eliminating toxins from the body; not just from the face but also different the neck, shoulder and back. It’s believed to help promote healthy blood circulation, resulting in the “glow” we all desire!

The heart-shaped Gua Sha is perfectly suited to fit the contours of the face and jaw when used in a gentle ‘scraping’ motion. Beyond being super cute & travel friendly, the Gua Sha assists with muscle and joint pain. The scraping motion on the skin’s surface also assists in the reduction of inflammation.


The Jade Roller is perfect to use over masks. Masking whilst Netflix-ing, anyone? It gives such a luxurious feel. Use it with your serums, creams or oils to help with increasing your skin's absorption of these skincare products. The cooling effect of the crystal or jade also helps with de-puffing. Watch your skin glow! 

The Gua Sha is amazing for releasing any facial tension. It is the perfect solution for those who suffer from grinding their teeth at night (Adeline does and it is honestly saving her from headaches!) You are able to have more control with exerting a little more pressure with this mini tool to give the face a nice firm massage. It is also great with your serums, creams or oils, however, we would not recommend using this with a sheet mask (leave on gel or cream masks are fine) as the scraping movements you will be doing with this tool could move the sheet masks out of place!


To get the best results, we recommend them straight out of the shower on clean, fresh skin. The heat of the shower will also help open up your pores, clearing out toxins and dirt as you massage yourself towards smooth, supple skin.

The best part: Massaging for just 5 minutes will do the trick! We’re all about simple and effective beauty. If you’re as visual as us, check out Zove’s exclusive 1 minute "How-To" video here.

As an added bonus, Jade Rollers and Gua Sha tools make an excellent addition to your #selfcare routine and work great in conjunction with your favourite serums, face oils, and masks! So go get rollin’ girl!


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