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7 Common Skincare Myths Debunked!

Posted by Amanda Soon on

Just because the internet contains a lot of information, doesn’t mean it’s always the right information.

In fact, when it comes to skincare, there’s a lot of myths that are perpetuated online, or just through word of mouth over the years! 

Thankfully you’re reading the Zove Beauty Blog - where we are committed to debunking beauty myths once and for all!

Exfoliating – Is It Really Necessary?

Posted by Amanda Soon on

As with any skincare product or step, we want to understand exfoliating really works, what type of exfoliant is best and whether you really do need it in your skincare routine. 

We bet you’re wondering the same things too. We recently caught up with Dr Ritu Gupta (Dr Ritu), Sydney based cosmetic and medical dermatologist, to get expert advice on all things related to exfoliating.

Am I Using The Right Cleanser For My Skin Type?

Posted by Amanda Soon on

We’re asking the critical questions as we head into 2021, Zovers. We caught up with Dr. Sam Elis, Board-Certified Dermatologist, to break down the what, why, when and how behind cleansing. And as always, we’re sharing the answers with you.  

Are Cosmeceutical Products Actually Beneficial For Your Skin?

Posted by Amanda Soon on

If there’s been one silver lining to 2020, it’s the extra time that we’ve all had to really nail our basic skincare routines. 

Now that you’ve got your basic skincare routine down pat, you might be thinking it’s  to take things up a notch with the help of cosmeceutical products, which are supposed to target specific skin concerns. 

In order to get the most out of your cosmeceutical skincare, it’ll help to know exactly what it is, how it works and whether it actually benefits your skin.

Top Tips for Clearing Acne Scars

Posted by Amanda Soon on

Having your acne flare up, usually right before a big event (am I right?!), is super annoying. But you know what’s even more annoying? The marks and scars that often remain after the actual acne has cleared.
While acne scars are normal, and affect a lot of people, they can have a detrimental impact on a person’s sense of self-worth, especially if they’ve spent a lot of time and money looking after their skin. Fortunately for us, there are ways to help clear up acne scars and we’re breaking it all down for you. Keep scrolling to find out more!

How Can I Prevent Breakouts On My Face?

Posted by Adeline Yeak on

Picture this, you wake up in the morning and bounce out of bed to get ready for the day. You head to the bathroom to splash some water on your face and as you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror you notice a small cluster of pimples on your chin. You’ve been hit with a breakout [insert dramatic music of your choice]! Here are Top 9 Tips For Preventing Breakouts.

Dark Under Eye Circles: How They Form And How To Treat Them

Posted by Adeline Yeak on

We’ve all experienced dark under eye circles at some point in our lives, and for some of us they are part of everyday life (because, genetics).Here at Zove, we are all for loving the skin you’re in - dark under eye circles and all! But did you know that certain factors can cause or enhance your dark under eye circles?
We’re breaking these factors down for you and sharing tips on how to treat your dark under eye circles so you can walk out the door sans concealer more often than not.

Get Rid Of Pesky Blackheads With These Expert Tips

Posted by Adeline Yeak on

Blackheads. Most of us have had to deal with them, and we can all agree that they are the worst! Every time you squeeze one out, a whole bunch more pop up in its place.
We caught up with Dr Hope Dinh from Hope Dermatology in Melbourne to find out the most effective methods for removing blackheads, and for keeping them at bay.

The Ultimate Guide To Layering and Mixing Skincare

Posted by Adeline Yeak on

Skincare products have the power to take your skin from zero to 100, and by 100 we mean healthy and glowing. No matter what your skin needs, there is a product out there that can help. Want to brighten your skin and fade dark spots? Say hello to vitamin c. Want your skin to glow? Slap on some hyaluronic acid.
But as we all know, with great power comes great responsibility. With skincare, that means knowing when and how to apply your products to maximise their full potential. That’s where we come in, Zovers. We’ve compiled the ultimate guide to layering and mixing skincare so that your skin can thrive.