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8 Tips You Need To Follow For Glowing Winter Skin

Posted by Adeline Yeak on
8 Tips You Need To Follow For Glowing Winter Skin
By Shilpa Bhim

Ah winter, it’s the time to layer up in cosy knits, drink a ton of mulled wine, and spend your days lazing about with the heater on. 

There’s just one catch to this cosy winter scenario: winter doesn’t lend itself to glowing skin!

Cold weather and low humidity levels in winter lead to dry air, which takes moisture away from your skin. We all know that dry and dull skin is every skin care aficionado’s worst nightmare!

But with a little bit of effort you can put your best foot, or glowing skin in this case, forward every single day during the winter! All you need to do is put in a little bit of time and effort and follow our 8 tips for making sure your skin has an ethereal glow to it all winter long. Keep reading for more!


As tempting as it can be to have a long, hot steamy shower to escape the cold, you’re not doing any favours for your skin!

Hot showers are super harsh on your skin, and can strip it of its natural oils and dry it out.

Instead, shower and wash your face using lukewarm water, and moisturise immediately after.

You’ll thank us for your glowing skin after following this tip.


Exposure to the cold and dry air wreaks havoc on your skin (not to mention those hot showers).

Moisturising regularly, every morning and night, will stop your skin from succumbing to the harsh winter conditions.

For extra hydration for your face, we recommend applying a facial oil, serum or hyaluronic acid directly to your skin before applying moisturiser. 

Don’t forget to use your Gua Sha tool to really help massage your products into your skin. Hello, glowing winter skin!


Face masks are a great way to give your skin some extra TLC. 

They go a long way towards helping hydrate and regenerate your skin, helping it to look radiant all winter long.

The best part? You can use your Jade Roller to help your skin to better absorb the product from the mask. So go on, treat yourself!


We’re talking about exfoliating your body, head to toe, to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin fresh. 

Don’t overdo this one though, because over exfoliating can cause more harm than good. 

For best results and glowing skin, stick to exfoliating around two times per week, and only once per week if you have sensitive skin.


Just because you can’t see the sun everyday in winter, doesn’t mean it’s UV rays aren’t lurking about!

Skin damage from the sun is not easy to reverse so it’s important to wear SPF everyday. It’s a small step, but protecting your skin from the sun, rain or shine, will help you have more clear, glowing skin.

So don’t forget to slip, slop and slap before you head out the door.


Your mum wasn’t messing around when she told you to drink lots of water! 

People tend to drink less water during the colder months and reach for reach for warmer drinks like hot chocolate, coffee and mulled wine instead. While we totally get this, it’s important to drink lots of water to keep your skin and body healthy. 

Drinking around six to eight glasses of water is the daily recommended dose, and will go a long way to giving you glowing skin. Our pro tip: if you’re really craving a hot drink, opt for a glass of warm water with lemon, or an herbal tea to soothe your soul.


Because you really are what you eat!

Remember the old five plus a day saying? Well, eating fruits and vegetables not only keeps the doctor away, it also helps protect your skin from cellular damage caused by free radicals thanks to the powerful antioxidants contained in them.

Antioxidants combined with all the nutrients that fruits and vegetables provide will help keep your skin happy and healthy.


We get it, the thought of leaving your house to exercise when it’s cold outside is pretty unappealing.

But trust us, you should do it in the name of good skin! You know how your skin oozes a radiant glow during the summer? It’s because we tend to be way more active in the warmer months.

Exercising increases your heart rate, which pumps more blood through your body, leading to a healthy mind, happy body and, you guessed it, glowing skin!

Our pro tip: if you really don’t want to head outside, you can always do a workout indoors.


So what do you say, Zovers. Are you ready to add some serious glow to your skin this winter?

Let us know how you go with following these tips by sharing your thoughts via the little icon on your right, via Instagram or email us! 

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