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Skincare Top 5 Feat. Adeline Yeak

Posted by Amanda Soon on
Skincare Top 5 Feat. Adeline Yeak

By Shilpa Bhim

Welcome to our new series, Zovers! Skincare Top 5 will give you a little peek into the holy grail products (a total of five products, duh) of beauty industry insiders and experts.

Our first feature? None other than our fearless leader. Aka the founder of Zove Beauty, Adeline Yeak! 

Keep scrolling to find out a little more about Adeline and the 5 skincare products she can’t live without. You know this is going to be good.


Hi, I’m Adeline, Founder of Zove Beauty! I’m from Melbourne, Australia. 

Fun fact, while most Melbournians love coffee, I don’t drink it! I’ll usually order a chai if I’m at a cafe, and I’ll have hot chocolate at home. 

When it comes to skincare, I’m someone with a very minimal routine, I do a maximum of 3-4 skincare steps per night. I usually cleanse and follow that with toner, one serum and one cream - that's it! 

Another thing people probably don't know about me is I generally have a heat pack on my neck and shoulders when I’m working. I have chronic neck and shoulder pain issues and the heat pack helps with that. I also love taking a bath and getting massages - anything that helps relax the muscles makes me really happy.


1. Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser

Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser

I love this product! 

I discovered it last year when we were working with Alpha-H. I've always known of the brand, and had used a bit of their stuff. But the product that caught my attention, and I was so surprised I hadn't used it before, is the Alpha-H Balancing Cleanser. 

When they say it's non-stripping, it really is. And when they say it's soothing and hydrating, it actually is. There's aloe vera extracts in it and it smells very light and divine, it's not in your face. The cleanser gives you a very calming experience, which is what I'm all about! It’s soothing, hydrating, and it actually cleans your skin. 

2. COSRX Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner 

Cos rx Propolis toner image

I need a toner or essence for the hydration. This COSRX toner contains propolis - so it’s honey based - I love that for hydration. I always thought I had combination skin, but as I’m getting older, it’s getting more dry overall.

This toner is amazing! It leaves your skin feeling really supple and it really prepares your skin for anything else that you'll put on. 

My skincare routine isn’t complete without this toner. It’s something I will always reach for, no matter how tired I am - because I’ve got to have supple skin!

Also, the packaging is amazing. Most toners come in very heavy glass packaging. But this one’s in recycled plastic packaging, which makes it easy to travel with too. It’s also affordable - so I feel like it ticks all the boxes. 

3. Zove Beauty Gua Sha Tool

Zove Gua Sha Tool


Ok the gua sha tool is hands down one of my all time favourite skincare products. It ties into my love for a calming experience with skincare. The gua sha is a thoughtful product made for mindful self-care. Mindfully carving out time for myself helps me with building self-confidence. 

I use the Zove Beauty gua sha tool on my face, neck and shoulders. I use it to massage and sculpt my face, and to help my skin absorb skincare products. We all know there’s a lot of benefits to using a gua sha tool.

I also have a neck and shoulder muscle pain issue and the gua sha tool really helps relieve the muscle tenseness and pain for me, I really can’t live without it. It’s the perfect at-home remedy after a long day and helps me to relax right before bed.

4. Cancer Council Lip Balm SPF 50

Cancer council lip balm


For the longest time, I've been on the lookout for an SPF 50 lip balm that does not taste like SPF and gives my lips a natural pink sheen, and is affordable. 

Honestly, this lip balm is the BEST. It meets all of my criteria and, the best part, it’s under $10! I take it with me everywhere I go. It gives me the perfect hint of colour and I don’t need to use a cosmetic lip colour on top. Seriously, get on it!

5. Zove Beauty’s Soon To Be Released Face Mask…

Zove Secret Mask

This is my absolute holy grail product and I cannot live without it (and neither can my husband)!

As someone who is a minimalist with her skincare routine and is also typically pretty damn tired at the end of the day, I have been looking for a product that can tick all the boxes in one step. I want hydration and a little bit of exfoliation, and something that I can use consistently without worrying about if it’s too much or too little for my skin.

I haven’t been able to find something that I can use consistently and comfortably, at a decent price point and in packaging that I like. So, for the past nearly three years, we’ve been developing our own product that meets the criteria I’ve been looking for!

We’ve sent samples of these to 50 people to use/test for the past year - it will be live on the Zove Beauty site in a few months time. With consistent use, my skin’s been healthier and more glowy and less problematic. We’ve been receiving amazing feedback on it from the testers too! 

My husband has been using it for the past year as well. His skin has seen amazing improvement with consistent use. He finds it easy to use - it’s just one step. He’s a doctor and spends 12 hours a day in PPE, which causes breakouts on his face. The Zove Beauty face mask has helped keep the breakouts at bay and slowly but surely, because the face mask is a light exfoliating product, it’s helping him buff out scars. 

We use it every night, and can really see and feel the difference in our skin. It’s easy to use and effective and soothing on the skin. I can’t wait for everyone to be able to use it!

Shilpa is a freelance beauty and lifestyle writer and the founder of Glowreel. You can check out her latest articles here and keep up with her adventures over at @shilpa.bhim.

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